Golf cup

I. History of the golf cup

1. The appearance of the golf cup

Compared to football, basketball, golf is a sport that appeared later and there are not many people participating like that. The game originated in Scotland in the 15th century, and players would use a batting stick so that it could enter a small hole on the golf course after as few hits as possible.

cúp golf
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The first major golf tournament in the world was the British Open which took place in 1860. Since then, the golf tournament has become more and more popular, the number of participants is increasing, more and more clubs are born. golf is used. Depending on the nature and size of each tournament, the cup material, cup design and cup size are appropriate. That is the honorable reward for the winner of this aristocratic sports kit.

2. What are the golf cups?

Currently, golf cups are produced with 3 basic types: crystal golf cup, bronze golf cup and golf cup combining bronze and crystal.
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Stand out more with the crystal golf cup

- Most crystal golf cups with a height of 30cm or more, mainly for small tournaments. On the stock available, people will engrave the symbol of the gold batter, along with the logo or content related to the tournament.

Crystal golf cup

Compared with the bronze cup, this type of cup is smaller in size, making and production time is also quite fast from 3 to 5 days. In addition to the templates available, customers can order crystal golf cups on request to create a distinctive mark for the tournament.
According to many experts in this field, in order to choose a beautiful crystal trophy, in addition to focusing on the form, the design needs to pay special attention to the quality of the crystal.

cúp golf pha lê
A beautiful crystal trophy not only depends on the appearance, design, but the most important thing is crystal quality. According to experts, cup made from k9 crystal is the best quality standard because it ensures maximum hardness, moderate thickness, dispersion, transparency completely superior to k7 crystal. At the same time, crystal k7 has the ability to reflect and refract well, so the cup will sparkle, eye-catching in award ceremonies.

3. Bronze golf cup

A bronze cup of gold is also a great option for tournaments. Unlike crystal cups, this trophy model has a variety of sizes, more voluminous, the base is high, the body is in the shape of a bowl spread, and the plating part is a trophy made of gold, bronze or silver depending on the calculation. quality, value of the tournament.

Crystal golf cup

The golf cup is attached with the golfer symbol at the top. Along with that is the logo of the tournament, the content of the tournament is attached to the base to make it more luxurious.

cúp golf
The bronze cup is often used in major tournaments, high social tournaments. The characteristic of this type of cup is that the production time is quite long, until 25 days to complete, the cost of creating its own mold is quite expensive, so customers have to order a large quantity to minimize costs.

4. Golf cup with crystal combination

The perfect combination in each line

This combined trophy pattern is quite popular nowadays. It has a copper body structure, incorporating additional crystal particles as accents. Most golf cups with a combination of copper and crystal often have a bowl-shaped body structure, the overall size is smaller than that of a bronze golf cup.

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The tournament logo is usually attached to the base of the cup like a bronze cup. The characteristics of this trophy model are suitable for all competitions, large and small, diverse shapes, sizes, plentiful, the cup production time is quite quick from 5 to 7 days to complete. Therefore, the contract and crystal golf cup is the choice of many customers in many important tournaments today.

Where to put the most prestigious and quality golf cup

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cúp golf
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